Austin Gardner-Smith

Austin Gardner-Smith

Well, the internet version, at least.

I'm Austin. I spend most of my days working at an advertising technology company in Boston, where I get to think about all kinds of interesting things and work with some really smart and talented people. Things that get me excited include the internet, design thinking, the outdoors and sports. It's very nice to meet you.

  • Work

    I'm currently the Senior Director of Product Design at Nanigans. That means I'm tasked with ensuring design consistency and high-quality user experience for our next generation performance marketing tool. I also teach a class at General Assembly.

  • Past Lives

    Before my current gig, I did a stint as a big-agency ad man at Hill Holliday, worked on the founding team of a startup in Boston called Streetwise Media where I led product design and development, and worked at sports-based youth development nonprofit.

  • Other Stuff

    I really enjoy finding new music online and have a mild addiction to reading web-length articles, which has made it nearly impossible for me to finish an entire book lately. I don't blog as much as I'd like and have more unfinished web projects than I'd care to admit.